Zescom Technologies Ltd
Evolved from the Glocodev Group started about fifteen years ago. The name evolved from an acronym of Zenith Electronic Security and Communication the electronic security trade name of Glocodev Investment Ltd at the time, which was incorporated into a fully fledged electronic security services provider in 2006 and renamed in 2008.
The company is headquartered in central Kampala on plot 39A Lamumba Avenue, Ground Floor, Mukvirasi House, which is conveniently located for all our customers especially since it is very accessible to public transportation with ample parking space.
Zescom Technologies Ltd provides superior Electronic Security solutions from considerable experience and research into available and appropriate technologies. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering intelligent but robust solutions, outstanding customer service, and greater value for money, thereby optimizing the operational efficiency wherever our solutions are deployed.
As experts in Electronic Security Solutions, Zescom Technologies Ltd always tries to offer the client advice at every stage of the project; from needs assessment and identification, recommendation of requisite security solutions and appropriate technology , up to implementation and offering well conceived functional and technical support. We provide system design, business requirements definition, installation, testing, training and system management. We ensure that we customize our solutions to serve the clients’ specific needs.