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These are for both individuals and people in security to be able to defend themselves by applying non-lethal force and or restrain a threat or potential threat. We stock pepper spray which will immobilize an attacker for up to half an hour if well directed at the face as well as stun guns which send a jolt of electrical energy to an attacker’s body and demobilizes them. They come in sizes that can be carried in a handbag in case the user is a female or in a pouch for a guard. We also have a variety of hand cuffs.

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Perimeter fencing comprises of electric fencing, free standing or wall mounted as well as razor wire which can also be electrified. This is usually done through conductors of bare wire, supported on insulators and connected to a fencer /energizer which in turn is connected to a power source and earthed. The fence also has back up power.

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Handcuff is one of the most popular police handcuffs in the world. It incorporates spun rivet construction for increased strength and durability. Smooth single strand action allows for fast and efficient handcuffing. The profiled edges minimize the risk of tissue and nerve injury. The handcuff has been approved by the Institute of Justice and is used by Police around the world. It comes with a lifetime warranty for manufacture defects. Two keys supplied.

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Paper Spray 110ms


Add a line of self-defense with paper spray. The triple action formula is made up of OC pepper, tear gas and UV Dye. This spray causes an intense burning to the skin, eyes and throat. It is most effective when sprayed at the chest or facial area of the attacker. The UV dye marks an attacker to aid in identification.

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