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Baggage Screening & Explosive Trace

Baggage Scanner

In contemporary society, baggage scanner such as portable baggage scanner is the most common device used for security reasons. Typically, people use it to check baggage in detail within short time. When a bag goes through the tunnel of scanner, it can be sensed by sensors on both side and sensors will send a message to x ray baggage scanner generator which generates X-Ray. The bag is passed through X-rays to make an image on the screen. Anyone who takes dangerous goods can be found out.

Baggage Screening & Explosive Trace

Explosive Trace Detector

The threat of a bomb attack can occur anytime/anywhere, and an attack has the potential to claim thousands of lives in a very short period of time. The ability to detect bombers, bomb-makers and bomb-making facilities is critical. With just one swab, explosives trace detection device detects all major explosives and their precursors. With minimal training, you and your team can be up and running with Trace.