Intruder alarm systems are comprised of equipment which detects the presence of an intruder through a trigger, usually sensors for movement, touch or vibration; sends a signal through an intelligent panel and these set off a siren and or a strobe light. The panel if interfaced with a transmitter could send a message to a control room for rapid reaction or to a cell phone for the same or for knowledge. When using a cell phone communicator, all events happening in the protected premise send a short message to the receiver in real time. There are also systems which can blast out pepper spray into the intruders face.

The fire alarm systems also operate on the same principle in that the presence of fire is detected by either a heat or smoke detector and a signal is sent to trigger the fire bells so that evacuation can be carried out. The system also integrates break glass call points which can be physically triggered when a person sees a fire. The panel can also integrate automatic extiguishant release as well as radio and telephone communicators to send short messages of an event in a particular zone of the premise.

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